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Fiat 500 – The retro jewelry, perfect for busy cities

When it comes to busy cities, few are the vehicles that can easily satisfy all the requirements: small enough to fit in the busiest parking lots, fast enough not to make you late for work, economical enough not to drain your bank account. But, some manufacturers succeeded in creating the perfect city vehicle. Investing in a used Fiat 500 from Edmunds might be the most appropriate for a busy city. Below are some great reasons for which you should invest in such a vehicle.

1. Improved urban mobility

This vehicle is a city car in all aspects. Although it is a small, economical car, am leaves the impression that the big city is its home, it can go for further distances as well. So keep this in mind next time when searching for a vehicle.

2. It has a petrol engine

The entry level model has a 1.2 – liter petrol engine and this engine is just as perky as the car’s design. The engine has no problem with being put to hard work, and this makes it the go-to alternative for busy cities and improved mobility necessities.

3. Funky design

Although this vehicle seems to be the go-to car for young effervescent ladies, gentlemen seem to be equally appealed by its looks. With a retro design, deeply rooted in the 1957 vehicles, it is the perfect choice for the nostalgic ones out there.

4. Easy to handle

Only when you take it on a city tour, you realize who easy this vehicle can be handled. Steering this car is a child’s play especially if you push the “city” button, and it is also daring on the road. Quite impressive for a vehicle this small.

5. Safety at its best

Each and every Fiat 500 has seven airbags incorporated in the standard version, including a driver’s knee airbag, which makes it quite safe to be in, despite of its small dimensions. However, there is no automatic emergency break incorporated, but the 500 holds a five-star rating from Euro NCAP.

6. You can personalize your 500

One of the biggest advantages offered by the manufacturer is the possibility of personalizing your 500. And luckily, there are plenty of ways in which you can personalize this little piece.

These are some reasons why the 500 may be one of the perfect vehicles to invest in, if you are living in a busy city. Consider it as an option.

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