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BMW Maintenance Tips

BMW owners know that their car must be treated with maximum care and attention and that it must receive only the best service in order to keep it in perfect driving conditions. There are some maintenance details that must be taken into account throughout the year so that your car will run smoothly.

  • If you use the BMW all year round, there are some aspects you have to take care of regularly so you will not experience any unpleasantness with your car. First of all, you must check the oil and the oil filter under the hood to see if they are in perfect condition. The oil must be at the precise level and the filter should not be damaged or clogged.
  • Changing the oil is of utmost importance because a poor quality oil can damage the entire engine, so make sure you change it several times a year. For the best BMW Servicing packages, we recommend that you take the car to an authorized service to have the oil changed so that you can be sure that the maintenance has been developed under the best conditions.
  • In the warm season, check the cooling system to detect any leaks that could keep the system from providing enough cool air. From time to time, you will have to add a refrigerant agent to the cooling system because the levels tend to drop with every season you turn on the air conditioning.
  • Both during the winter and the summer, you must check the condition of the tires so you will manage to drive safely and to maximize your mileage. If the tires are worn out, replace them with better ones that will ensure maximum adherence. Also, avoid driving with tire pressure too high or too low because the car will not drive smoothly.
  • The antifreeze in the engine must be checked every summer, regardless how odd it might sound. This will avoid any problems caused by the coolant boiling in the summer, especially if you have to handle traffic congestion.
  • Your BMW’s body must be taken care of all year round in order to maintain the paintwork in the best conditions. In winter, spray off any salt and sand buildup that could affect the aspect of the car and wash the car when the weather gets warmer so you can see any potential damage that might have occurred during winter. In case you notice any scratch or cracks in the body, take it to an authorized service and have it repaired as soon as possible.

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