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Things to consider when buying a used Mitsubishi Lancer

The Mitsubishi Lancer has been for a very long time one of the most popular used cars in Australia. This high-quality and compact Japanese vehicle stands out thanks to its sporty driving manners and not owing to technological features. Despite the unforgiving road noise, driving is rather a treat than a chore. However, buyers are not attracted to this car simply because of the rewarding drive, but rather because of its size. The compact model launched in 2007 can be successfully used as a family car, reason why the Lancer is preferred to others on the market. While it is clear that the vehicle lives up to its reputation, it is not obvious if you should buy a used Mitsubishi Lancer. If you are considering purchasing this sporty vehicle, then you should consider the following aspects when going for a test drive.

Mechanical features

The engine used during the period 2008-2013 rated about 152 horsepower, but a more powerful engine was added to the 2009 model. All the engines are four-cylinder and at the time of its introduction on the market, the Lancer actually had the largest engine of any time. The 2.4 litter motor ensures excellent performance and it does not use up more fuel than a power plant. While it is not better than other class leaders, it is not bad choice for you. The engine is not only economical, but also relevant to people who live in colder climates. In case you want to override the computer and accelerate the engine, you should look for an engine that has tiptronic features. This means that you have good gear selection, which is more convenient.


Although the Lancer is spacious in the front seats, the interior is not as impressive as the exterior is. The quality of the interior plastic could be improved, but the dash looks impeccable with gauges and audio control knobs. The front seats are supporting and the rear set headroom have extended rooflines. For a small car, the rear seat space is fine. The only ones who will have issues are those people who are very tall. On the whole, the design of the Lancer is impressive.

Safety first

The last aspect that you should take into consideration is the degree of safety the car can provide you. The 2008-2010 Mitsubishi received five stars for driver and four for the passenger. Nonetheless, since the introduction of newer tests, the Lancer was rated with four stars for the driver and the passenger. Regardless of the Lancer that you are opting for, you should make sure that the air bags are standard.

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